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Construction IT News

The CFO and ERP: If you lead, I will follow

This blog from Priority Software... Hats off to the CFO. Literally. It has come time to remove our hats, and with them, our preconceived notions about the typical holder of the company funds, pursuer of the purse strings, bearer of the bank account. This is because...

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Productivity gains through digitisation

A summary of Causeway's presentation at the CIHT Annual Conference 2019... At the 2019 Annual Conference, our EVP of Contract Solutions, James Atkinson, discussed the full extent of the productivity problem in the construction sector, exploring the significant...

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Harnessing technology to support faster payment

This from Paul Haddlesey... It is often said that the construction industry has failed to achieve the efficiencies and cost savings that are now the norm in other industries. Sadly, there is still much truth in this statement in relation to various aspects of...

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