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Why it’s vital to ‘own’ a business system

In many organisations, it’s the IT function that ends up taking on the responsibility of business system ownership (BSO). But that’s not always the best way to maximise the value of the system in the long term. For a company that has purchased an integrated business...

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How to convert more enquiries into sales orders

One of the top aims for businesses is usually to increase the number of enquiries they convert into orders to grow their customer base, sales revenue and profits. But what can you do to start increasing conversion? Your customers journey Before you look to increase...

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SMEs waste more than half a million pounds per year

An SME employing 150 workers sat at computers, wastes more than half a million pounds per year, a survey has revealed. More than 2,000 UK employees who use computers on a daily basis were polled; it turns out the average amount of time wasted per employee each day is...

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