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Visit itSHOWCASE, The Business Software Roadshow

itSHOWCASE is a unique series of free-to-visit regional events, designed for businesses who need to update their software.

When you register, you’ll be asked to tell us about your company, your business and your software requirements. Before you visit, one of our team will call you for a brief chat to clarify your needs. 

With a little preparation, we’ll ensure that your time is put to the best use, that your project gets off to the best start and potentially save you £000’s of consultancy fees!

We will help you to find your perfect
enterprise software partner

What visitors are saying

itSHOWCASE provided me with a convenient opportunity and a friendly environment, where I was able to short-list suppliers and meet them face-to-face. By my third appointment I had found our perfect IT partner. Alan Foster

Managing Director, Aim Engineering Ltd

itSHOWCASE certainly helped us in our selection process David Peace

IT Manager, Esterform Packaging