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ERP implementation: An inside job

This from Eran Rozenfeld, Managing Director, Priority Software U.S. ... It’s early on a Monday morning and your organisation is just a few signatures shy of taking on a brand new business management system. You can’t contain your excitement because you’ve been working...

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When is the right time to consider an ERP system?

This from Ricardo Pascual, Business Development Manager at SynergERP (Pty) Ltd... When is the right time to consider an ERP system? I often come across this question when talking with CEO’s, CFO’s and CIO’s. It’s not one that is easily answered without taking a closer...

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ERP and GDPR: Closer than you think

This from Avi Troub, VP International Sales & Channel, Priority Software... Getting company and customer data in order can seem like a daunting task, especially for those leaving it to the last minute. Up until last May, data protection laws hadn’t changed much...

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