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Is an ERP system still relevant?

This question answered by David James, Lead New Business Sales, Cloud ERP, Advanced... In the uncertainty of the current business climate, a stable, integrated and effective IT framework is more important than ever for Britain’s small and medium-sized enterprises...

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New Year, new tech: Are you ready?

Sapphire Systems' Pablo Castagnini examines the top 10 technology trends to look out for in 2019...  Prioritising investment It seems that not a week goes past without an announcement on the latest disruptive technology set to revolutionise the way we do business. For...

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Windows 10 migration, are you ready?

by Axios Systems' Stephen Brunsdon... The mass migration to Windows 10 is already well underway for a lot of organisations, but is yours ready to make the all-important switch? For IT teams, the thought of migration poses serious concerns, particularly over assets –...

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